Handicapped Children’s Parents Association (HCPA) is a voluntary organization registered under the societies registration act 1860. It was formed in 1987 by a group of parents of children with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy (a kind of damage to the brain) forces the affected person to depend on others for even the very basic needs of life like – walking, toileting, communicating, feeding etc. etc.  They have a normal life span and need training and education more than the normal children, as they have to combat their disabilities also.  CP as such is not a disease.  This is a condition.  But unfortunately, this can not be reversed.  The victim has to bear it through out the life.

During their life time the parents take best care of their wards.  However, they  are constantly tormented by questions like – “Who / What after us”? HCPA has been formed to provide answers to the above.

Aims and Objects

  1. Set up and Maintain HOMES for CP
  2. Undertake all activities, which will ensure the care, welfare and maintenance of CP
  3. Undertake all activities, which will help and support the parents/guardians in taking better care of their CP children
  4. Arrange and manage SOCIO-ECONOMIC facilities for CP
  5. Collect information, undertake research and initiate action for developing National Policies for the betterment of CP
  6. Accept grants and donations for furthering the above