The Association conveys thanks and gratitude to all the generous donors – individuals, Institutes, Corporates, who have been continuously and voluntarily contributing and supporting our cause being a noble cause.

  1. I feel proud to mention that one of our special child, Mr.Komal Gupta is donating 18000/-P.M. Likewise, Justice Manmohan Singh, Shri Ram Kumar, Advocate & Shri Nitin Abrol are giving each Rs.2000/= p.m.
  2. Saroj Bhatia has been a regular donor and this year also she has donated Rs.20,000/-.
  3. LIC class one officers association donated two wheel chairs.
  4. Shri Harihar Bhave, an Advocate from Bombay has donated 30000/
  5. We received a generous donation of Rs 40000/= from Jindal Aluminium.
  6. M/S Impereal Motors donated a sum of 4,00,000/– (Mrs. Sarita Raina)
  7. Kuppa Swamy also donated a sum of Rs. 50,000/
  8. Justice Mr. S.K Aggarwal Former Judge Delhi High Court 21000/-.
  9. Rajesh Sethi Rs.50000/

A sum of Rs.17,00,000/- has been from ONGC for Renovation of third floor, including ramp, the renovation work has since been completed two bath rooms on GF and four on 1st floor have also been renovated fabrication work has been got done on third floor for multipurpose utilization of space. However, the proposal submitted to LIC is under active consideration of the said Corporation under their CSR policy and we are hopeful for the positive response very soon.

During the year, every effort has been made to keep the Building clean and have congenial environment in the Centre.

The membership of the HCPA for renewal of medical Insurance of the special children under Niramya Scheme has been renewed.

Staff :We have very dedicated staff. Details are given in the table below:

Nature Male Female
Special Educators/Teacher 1 4
Support Staff 2 0
Helpers / Aayas 4 7
House Keeping 2 0
Administrative 1 0
Volunteers 1 0
Security 2 day and night 0
Total 13 11

To keep the staff motivated, each member was given a special Diwali Gift.  

For smooth functioning of the Centre, more helpers, caregivers and other staff including the Co-ordinator are required even for the looking after the existing number of beneficiaries.

Misc. Some of the students of Post Graduation Social Welfare course have also studied the functioning our Sneh Kunj as a part of their study.

Details of Income and Expenditure accounts (unaudited) are given below as on 28.2.2018.

FDR AND BANK INTEREST                               3,25,118.00
RECEIPT FROM TOWER RENT (RELIANCE/TATA/JIO)                               9,11,700.00
VOLUNTARY DONATIONS                             34,45,692.00
RECEIPT FROM ONGC                             17,00,000.00
OTHER RECEIPTS                               1,83,500.00
TOTAL                             65,66,010.00
ESTABLISHMENT EXPENSES                             19,90,560.00
OPERATIONAL EXPENSES                             17,02,487.00
BUILDING                             19,18,571.00
PRINTING AND STATIONERY                                     5,316.00
TOTAL                             56,16,934.00
NET INCOME OVER EXPENDITURE                               9,49,076.00


The Managing Committee expresses its sincere gratitude to all members, beneficiaries, their parents, staff, social workers, volunteers and donors for their valuable support in making our work memorable. Without their whole hearted support, we would not have achieved success.